Monday, October 13, 2014


I have just discovered BBC4 and am so astonished with the news people’s talk, and their recordings of their leaders arguing in public and being interviewed about all sorts of things--formal gardens’ destruction, Ebola (two despairing welfare executives with foreboding news), an old chap with a wry deconstruction of the news--a pundit! OH! The old chap wants his wife’s wishes followed, the garden to the National Trust! A plea to save a garden! Destroyed! Given to friends then if his wishes cannot be carried out. Interviewer asks her interviewees if the old chap has had “a fit of pique?” He tries to reply with reason but it is clear he is being unreasonable destroying the garden if it will not be given to the National Trust. There must be much prestige attached to belonging to the National Trust. What is similar in America? The garden will be destroyed (its unique historical significance) by Sir............

Labor clobbers........?

People speak clearly without newsspeak jargon here! Back and forth, quick, intelligently! (BBC4) But I take a caveat--if I listen long enough, I’ll know if they too speak in jargon as we do. I will say, I love the on-going mix, a news junkie’s panoply of interview and report; confession and attack in dialogue and monologue. People are (or seem to be) actually talking to each other here  Coffee--its making, its moulding of class. Coffee the universal cultural effect of equality. Twitter is a coffee house culture. Articulation seems to be here. Must listen longer. MPs are the subject. No, twitter. Coffee, now twitter, is the great social leveler, the mixing bowl. Does it compete with America, the coffee house, cafe? Is it stronger or weaker now that the globe is homogenized and borders disappearing, DNA mingled, races disappearing, local languages too?

Tricky meeting
He denies it strongly
political realities
the overall feeling
back in government.
They think that prize is there.

What is happening in Syria? Anbar, Baghdad, Sunni and strategic advances for the Islamic state. Sit on their hands. Why is ISIS so strong. Sunni tensions in Iraq. Alqueda. Surprise? No.

Northern Ireland too, a midwife strike, and here at home. When midwives strike, who suffers? Mothers and babies. Who cannot give Artemis, goddess of midwifery in one place at least, homage? Midwives may, should have, must have all that they want and ask for. It won’t be much. They find quite joy in their jobs as is.

“What is networking?” is like Ira Glass on MPBS.

Large family seven siblings, coffee shop, the strongest network is the family, the widest network is the customer. We feel less comfortable on some networks, since some networks require uncomfortable networking.

 Julia Harpsborn (?) is brilliant.

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