Sunday, April 26, 2009

Origin of The Circle

I was thinking of calling this blog--the Atlas bearing my story on his shoulders--"Greenleaf Lane," or "Parsonsfield," or "Ataraxian Access," even "Shed Chamber Press" or "Pilgrim's Base Camp," but none seemed right. I suddenly remembered that 1506 Greenleaf Lane in Charlottesville Virginia was on what we kids called "the circle, " because Greenleaf Lane was a circle. I will be talking a lot about the world I lived in there, and so what could be more specific and more universal than The Circle? Sounds as though it could cleverly mean more than it seems to mean and therefore offer delectable deconstructive delights. I wonder how many more blogs are similarly named"The Circle"? Probably, 15, 738 or something.

I hope you comment in any capacity here. I will be trying to write down all the findings of a lifetime with the idea of amusing you in the process.

(What? You think I should name this site "Atlas"?)


  1. Go to this for a description of the circle I grew up in in Charlottesville:

  2. I think both Greenleaf Lane and The Circle sound so idyllic that they could be fictional.